Did being diagnosed with pearly penile papules leave you feeling relieved and frustrated? Did your doctor tell you that there is no cure for PPP and that you should just live with it? Are you embarrassed and sick of having your sex life interrupted because you have pearly penile papules? If you asked: “How can I treat my pearly penile papules?” then you’re ready for the top three home cures for PPP. Don’t stress out about being naked in again. Imagine never having to worry about locker room anxiety ever again! You can forget about having to explain those annoying little bumps every time you have sex. Get rid of your PPP easily and naturally today. Tea Tree Oil – You’ve probably heard of Tea Tree Oil before, and if you haven’t get ready to change your life. This extremely powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal is a natural compound that you can by at any drugstore. This is home cure for pearly penile papules works by applying oil to the ring around your head nightly. After applying the oil you want to wrap it with gauze and tape the gauze in place so the oil stays on overnight. Keep applying the tea tree oil nightly and watch your papules slowly disappear. Alpha Hydroxy Acid – If you want to get rid of your PPP, this is one of the most effective cures you can use from home. AHA is used to treat acne, rejuvenate skin, is a remedy scaly skin, aged skin and all other kinds of skin complications. The way AHA gets rid of your pearly penile papules is simple. After applying AHA to the affected area, the acid works to peel back dead layers of skin, and naturally burn away all of your papules. AHA is very strong and should be applied the same way you would apply Tea Tree Oil. Castor Oil – Another product that’s easy to find at your local grocery store or online is Castor Oil. This ancient remedy has been used for centuries to cure all kinds of ailments, but more specifically, skin problems like PPP. If you want your papules cleared up you need to try this oil treatment out. Castor oil is really strong, so avoid using any more than three to four drops at a time. Apply those three to four drops of oil on the rings of bumps around your penis. Let it sit for three to four hours. Make sure that you wipe your skin clean after those three to four hours, as this oil is very powerful. These cures are strong and natural, so you won’t have to worry about any strange side effects or hurting yourself. Using these three home cures for PPP, you’ll be able to have sex without worrying about being questioned or women t