Type of Lesson:

Public Horse Riding Lessons take place in group lessons consisting of 3 – 8 people.
To be accepted on to the Public Riding programme, Riders must first take an assessment lesson with a BTSC Instructor.
Public Riders are entitled to take group flatwork lessons only.


The duration of each lesson in the Public Riding programme is 45 minutes.
If only 2 riders or less attend the lesson will be 30 minutes in duration.


The Public Riding programme is sold in a package of 4 lessons. The package cost is $450/- nett for 4 lessons.

Purchase of lessons constitutes an understanding and adherence to all Public Riding Policy and BTSC Rules and Regulations. Public Riding Lessons cannot be purchased individually.

Cancellation Policy:

2 weeks notice of cancellation prior to the lessons is required in writing to the Riding School office.
If 2 weeks notice is not provided, the full lesson fee will apply.
Riders who miss a lesson due to illness will have to provide a medical certificate in order for BTSC to waive the lesson fee. Failure to provide a medical certificate for the day of missed lesson will result in the full lesson fee being applied.
Public Riding packages (4 lessons) must be used within an 8 week period.

The 8 week period will commence when the rider takes the first lesson in their package.



  1. The purchase of a Public Riding Package binds the purchaser and/or rider to adhere to the BTSC Rules, Regulations and Policies.
  1. It is responsibility of the Rider and/or Parent to familiarize themselves with the BTSC Rules, Regulations and Policies.
  1. In the interest of safety, the age limit for Public Riding is between 7 – 65 years of age.
  1. In the interest of safety and horse welfare, the weight limit for Public Riders is 85kg.
  1. Public Riding entitles the purchaser and/or rider to group lesson privileges only.
  1. Public Riders must pay for a Public Riding Package in full and PRIOR to the first lesson taking place or slot may be forfeited.
  1. Non-payment for a Public Riding Package may result in the loss of riding lesson slot.
  1. Public Riders are subject to BTSC’s Cancellation Policy and Bad Weather Policy.
  1. If a Public Rider misses two lessons in a row without notifying the Riding School Office, the Public Rider will forfeit his/her lesson slot.
  1. Public riders can be moved to another group lesson at the discretion of the Riding School Manager.
  1. Public Riders cannot be guaranteed the same instructor and/or horse for every lesson.
  1. Public Riders cannot participate in Inter-Club Shows as this is a privilege of Membership.
  1. When Public Riding lessons are being scheduled, the Riding School office will offer up to 3 different riding time slots. If none of these time slots are taken by the public rider, that rider will be placed at the end of the wait list.
    1. Once a Public Riding Package is complete, BTSC reserves the right to discontinue a Public Rider’s riding time slot.

  1. In the case of misconduct by a Rider or a Rider’s parent, BTSC reserves the right to terminate public riding privileges immediately. In this instance, the Rider will also forfeit any remaining portion of their Public Riding Package.
  1. BTSC reserves the right to deny Public Riding privileges to any persons.
  1. Public Riders cannot participate in more than 2 group flatwork lessons per week (valid till 30 April 2016).

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