Lesson OneUnmounted: Practical Stable Management Lesson with 1 horse

  • How to fit your riding helmets
  • How to check the riding schedule for horse/pony allocation
  • Talk about Safety on the yard and around horses/ponies
  • How to approach your horse/pony in the stable
  • How to un-do the throat-lash, un-twist the reins and take it over the horse/pony’s head
  • How to lead the horse/pony

Lesson TwoUnmounted: Practical Stable Management Lesson with 1 horse

  • Refresh on Lesson One
  • How to un-do and adjust length of stirrups, check and tighten girth
  • How to mount and dismount
  • How to give and receive a leg-up
  • The correct and balanced rider’s position in the walk & halt

Lesson Three – Mounted Lesson

  • Leading assigned horse/pony up to the riding arena in single file maintaining safe distances
  • Mount up in the arena, adjust girth & stirrups
  • Ride commences in single file in the walk, halt and steering exercises
  • More focus on correct and balanced position
  • Dismount at the end and lead horses back to the stable yard

Lesson Four – Mounted Lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Three
  • Includes exercises on balance in the walk – “rising trot” in the walk and steering
  • Ability of the rider to stand up and down out of saddle and maintain balance

Lesson Five – Mounted Lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Four
  • Introduce the Rising Trot one at a time
  • The rider should now be able to sit in a balanced seat and have basic control over the horse in walk and trot.

Lesson Six – Mounted Lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Five
  • More work done in the Rising Trot one at a time while the others remain in walk in single file

Lesson Seven & Eight – Mounted lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Six
  • Continue working on rising trot

By the end of the course, the riders would have learned how to handle the quiet horse/pony, ride confidently and in a balanced seat in the walk and halt. Experience the rising trot.

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