UPDATE 21/5/2022:
Due to overwhelming demand, we have stopped taking in new applications for Beginners Courses until further notice.

Lesson Schedule

  • All lessons run for 45 minutes, once a week, over a period of 8-weeks.
  • Date choices and lesson start times are available on the application form.
  • Dates are allocated on a first come first served basis, and priority is given to members.

Lesson Structure

A Club approved Instructor will conduct all lessons in groups of 4 – 5 students.

  • The first 2 lessons are un-mounted, and will focus on horse handling and stable sense; the remaining six lessons will be on horseback
  • Group allocation will be based on age , ability and availability
  • Class sizes will vary but are typically 4 students (2 adults and 2 children)
  • You are requested to arrive 15 minutes prior to your lesson start time to allow for sufficient time to find your instructor/ horse and be ready for the lesson to start promptly


We have over 35 horses and ponies in the school yard varying in size, skill levels and temperament. You will be allocated a horse/pony each week, and this may or may not be the same horse/pony each week. Allocation is based on: –

  • Your ability and experience
  • Availability of horses
  • Your age, weight & height


Safety is our key concern, and all riders must come properly attired in riding clothing. This must include:

  • Equestrian Safety Helmet (free rental from the Club)
  • Riding boots (short or long) or covered toe shoes with a smooth sole and small heel
  • Jodhpurs, breeches or comfortable full length trousers
  • A short or long sleeved top (sleeveless tops are not allowed for riding)

Course Fees

The complete set of lessons costs $840.00 (inclusive of GST 7%) for Non-Members and $675.00 (inclusive of GST 7%) for BTSC Members.

  • Fees must be paid in full prior to the start date to confirm your slot. We accept cheque, NETS, Visa or Mastercard in the Riding School Office. Crossed cheque to be made payable to ‘BTSC’.
  • There will be no makeup lessons or refunds for missed/unused lessons
  • In the event of rain, lessons will continue unless there is a threat to safety of the horse, rider or instructor due to lightening, excessive water etc


The course is for members & non- members who have no or little riding experience.

  • The minimum age is 7 years old, the maximum weight is 85kg and the minimum height is 1.20m
  • All rides must sign waiver Indemnity form prior to commencement of course.

The course is offered on a ‘one time basis’ only. We hope that you will want to continue horse riding following the completion of the course, in which case you can do so by signing up for one of our membership or public riding options.

Lesson OneUnmounted: Practical Stable Management Lesson with 1 horse

  • How to fit your riding helmets
  • How to check the riding schedule for horse/pony allocation
  • Talk about Safety on the yard and around horses/ponies
  • How to approach your horse/pony in the stable
  • How to un-do the throat-lash, un-twist the reins and take it over the horse/pony’s head
  • How to lead the horse/pony

Lesson TwoUnmounted: Practical Stable Management Lesson with 1 horse

  • Refresh on Lesson One
  • How to un-do and adjust length of stirrups, check and tighten girth
  • How to mount and dismount
  • How to give and receive a leg-up
  • The correct and balanced rider’s position in the walk & halt

Lesson Three – Mounted Lesson

  • Leading assigned horse/pony up to the riding arena in single file maintaining safe distances
  • Mount up in the arena, adjust girth & stirrups
  • Ride commences in single file in the walk, halt and steering exercises
  • More focus on correct and balanced position
  • Dismount at the end and lead horses back to the stable yard

Lesson Four – Mounted Lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Three
  • Includes exercises on balance in the walk – “rising trot” in the walk and steering
  • Ability of the rider to stand up and down out of saddle and maintain balance

Lesson Five – Mounted Lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Four
  • Introduce the Rising Trot one at a time
  • The rider should now be able to sit in a balanced seat and have basic control over the horse in walk and trot.

Lesson Six – Mounted Lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Five
  • More work done in the Rising Trot one at a time while the others remain in walk in single file

Lesson Seven & Eight – Mounted lesson

  • Refresh on Lesson Six
  • Continue working on rising trot

By the end of the course, the riders would have learned how to handle the quiet horse/pony, ride confidently and in a balanced seat in the walk and halt. Experience the rising trot.