Established in 1929, the Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding. It is the largest association of young riders in the world.

The Pony Club aims to:

  • Encourage young people to ride and enjoy sports related to horses
  • Give instruction in riding, horsemanship and horse husbandry
  • Promote sportsmanship to create strength of character and self-discipline



Open to anyone below 21 years old, members pay an annual subscription fee and receive instruction at an approved riding centre.

Pony Club tests (Standards of Efficiency) are available to help improve riding ability and knowledge of horse and pony care. Starting with the ‘E’ test, members can progress up to the ‘AH’ level, and includes the Riding and Road Safety Certificate.

Members are also eligible to take Progressive Tests at Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum in Riding and Stable Management. These are smaller tests that can be taken on their own or with the Pony Club tests.

Members may also gain Achievement Badges covering a range of equestrian topics. These can be sewn onto the Pony Club Sweatshirt. There are over 50 badges to be earned!



  • Open to both public and BTSC members
  • Minimum age requirement – 4 years
  • Focus on stable management and horse care (no riding involved)

The Pony Club at BTSC runs on a semester basis (each semester is 6 weeks) all year round with a break for Summer and Christmas. Pony Club lessons will take place on weekdays in the afternoon and on weekends in the morning.

Badge Test Rally Days

Pony Clubbers may select any topic of their choice. Each badge is $25.


For further enquiries, please email ponyclub@btsc.org.sg.