Established in 1929, the Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding. It is the largest association of young riders in the world.

The Pony Club aims to:

  • Encourage young people to ride and enjoy sports related to horses
  • Give instruction in riding, horsemanship and horse husbandry
  • Promote sportsmanship to create strength of character and self-discipline

BTSC Pony Club is open to the public for the ages 4 years and above (No previous riding experience is needed).

  • 4 semesters per year, 6 weekly rallies covering 3 topics per semester
  • 4 age groups
    • Unicorns (Ages 4 – 6)
    • Shetlands (Ages 7 – 12 – Newcomers/Beginners)
    • Appaloosa (Ages 8 – 12 – Intermediate)
    • Connemaras (Ages 12 – 16 – BTSC Riders)

Our focus is to encourage children with the love of animals and outdoor activities to have fun with a group of like-minded friends to learn lots of different aspects of horse care and stable management which is a great stepping stone for those who would love to then develop their learning on horseback or to grow their understanding of horse care.

Trial Session@$30
We offer a one time trial session subject to availability.

Semester Fee@$180
6 Rallies including Pony Club UK Annual Membership

One Time Registration Fee@$50 
Applicable for new members only, includes a welcome tote bag and complete set of sets for the semester

Badge Test Rally@$50
On the 7th week of each semester, Pony Clubbers have the opportunity to take a test on the 3 subjects they have learnt. If they are able to pass one, two or all three topics they can earn themselves a badge to be sewn on their club shirts and wear it with pride. Each badge test rally cost $50 regardless of the amount of badges they

Thematic Party@$45 
At the end of each semester and after badges have been awarded, there will be an optional thematic party open to all Pony Clubbers with fun games, activities and prizes.

For Pony Club registration and enquiries, please email ponyclub@btsc.org.sg or call the BTSC Riding School Office at 6466 2264.